Report on Most Effective Ways To Eliminate Stretch Marks

Research and Product Rankings 2014

By the time you finish reading this article you will know how to eliminate stretch marks forever using effective products that work. Most people are not able to get rid of them because they don’t know what works.

If you want to learn what’s the most popular and effective solution that has no side effects you’ve come to the right place.

This review report sums up the results of extensive research we did on popular options. We have comprehensive information on latest therapies and stress those that have shown best results so far. Continue reading to learn what remedies were found to be useless and why, along with what solutions achieved desired results among sufferers.

Treatment Evaluation Methodology

This study covered more than 25+ options that claim to heal tissue damage. We took advice of many experts such as homeopaths, dermatologists and herbalists on the latest and most effective ways.

Our research panel analysed latest techniques and products like stretch mark creams, lotions etc to assess their success rate, speed of results, how safe they are and guarantee. We also engaged many of our website visitors as test subjects. After using various therapies they were assessed for the results they achieved.

Our Findings

1. Prescription medications can be more damaging

The success rate of topical prescription treatments has been determined to be very low as per clinical trials and they can take more than 6 months to show any results.

As per our research, prescription formulations had common side effects like local inflammation. Dryness, scaling, and redness occurred frequently. However we saw reaction disappear when the medication was stopped. Mild stinging or a warm sensation can occur when applying prescription creams on sensitive skin. In cases where severe redness or crusting developed, the application was stopped immediately. Some people can develop increased sun sensitivity and are more prone to sun-burn.

Study Conclusion: It may be possible to restart therapy with a lower concentration but results may be not as expected.

2. Surgery is not an option for everyone

Plastic surgery and laser treatment are new cosmetic solutions. Both of these techniques have amplifyed expectations among sufferers. But, a comprehensive investigation of these procedures shows major shortcomings that people should know:

  • Plastic and laser surgeries are often claimed to be painless but this is not true.
  • A one-time laser procedure normally costs $150 for a very small skin area. In most cases, several sessions of treatment are required and the cost ends up in thousands of dollars! Plastic surgery is even more costly. It’s important to highlight that laser and plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes is not covered under insurance schemes. The patient has to bear the entire treatment expenses.
  • Unlike laser surgery results with plastic surgery are instant. However we found that there is no guarantee that the problem will not return later.
  • As with any surgery there is a risk of unwanted serious complications to occur.

Recommendation: Since cosmetic surgeries and procedures are expensive, not free of side effects and still developing, we do not advise risking your hard earned money. It’s prudent to try cheaper options first.

3. Do-it-Yourself Home Remedies are a complete waste of time and effort

There are many home remedies like cocoa butter, extra virgin olive oil, aloe vera juice, lemon juice etc. Using these on our test subjects proved to be a waste because:

  • None of our test subjects noticed any shrinking or decrease in the their appearance. Unfortunately there was not even a temporary or minor improvement.
  • Most users stopped application after couple of weeks as they found it to be very time consuming task in their already busy lives.
  • Some of the home remedies are risky and have side effects. E.g. Vicks vaporub can cause burning sensation if applied on newly developed cracked marks.
  • Most of the at home remedies are messy and caused stained clothes.

Study Conclusion: Home remedies don’t work because the root of the problem is never addressed. You can get desired results with natural products. These remedies are proven to work in clinical trials.

4. Not all holistic treatments are effective

Some remedies that gave positive results in our study are natural solutions available over the counter. Such creams/lotions have already helped thousands of people, and their popularity is growing. These solutions don’t have side effects. Using these for 2 to 6 months is enough to get clear supple skin back.

However, not all herbal alternatives give visible results. Majority of them failed in our analysis because of the following reasons:

  • While individuals having light marks got good results, individuals having moderate to severe marks didn’t saw any noteworthy results.
  • Allergic reactions to some synthetic ingredients were experienced by some users.
  • Over 25% of people who have used the product stated it was ineffective.
  • Among the total number of user reviews posted online more than 15% were negative reviews.
  • The cost did not justify the benefits.
  • Some treatments took a lot longer to show results.

Study Conclusion: To overcome the problem, we recommend formulas that have clinically tested high degree of success.

5. Two products achieved high degree of consumer satisfaction

#1 SkinceptionSkinception Stretch Marks Cream

Medication Mode: Topical
Results: Outstanding
Side Effects: Absolutely Safe
Ingredients: Regestril
Price: $49.95
Full Refund Guarantee: 90 days

Manufactured by well known company in healthcare Leading Edge Health Inc. Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy comprises of topical cream. Clinical results prove that it increases the natural production of collagen and elastin at any area of the body wherever the cream is applied. This affect restores the lost elasticity of the skin and gradually fades away the appearance of existing stretch lines and skin discoloration. It corrects white, red or purple look of marks and effectively erases them from breasts (chest in men), stomach, upper arms, thighs and buttocks, new or old.

We observed that on average results start to show up within 2 months with daily application. And what makes this product stand out in our study is that it doesn’t have any synthetic ingredients or side effects. It is safe even for pregnant women or lactating mothers. We documented a lot of positive consumer feedback for this product. Our study results conclude that Skinception is the No. 1 option.


It doesn’t matter what’s your age, size, gender, or what caused your marks, Skinception  cream has high potency to treat, repair, and prevent the appearance of new or old scars. By using Skinception everyday for six months, anyone can be free of most obstinate marks forever and at the same time avoid new ones from forming.

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#2 Revitol CreamRevitol Stretch Marks Cream

Medication Mode: Topical
Results: First-rate
Side Effects: Absolutely Safe
Full Refund Guarantee: 60 days
Price: $39.95

Produced by Market Health, Inc. Revitol is a topical solution that readily penetrates the affected skin. The all natural active ingredients in Revitol are clinically proven. These ingredients are not only established to clear marks and associated dicoloration, but also work to stop them from forming in the first place. Our research found that these potent ingredients prevent the skin from dehydration and assist in delivering collagen and other bioactive nutrients to the cells below the epidermis (top layer of the skin) thereby smoothing out the skin’s texture and making the damaged tissue disappear with time.

Revitol stretch mark removal cream is non allergic, non-greasy, unscented formula. Being all natural it is safe to use during pregnancy and lactation and is not limited in its effectiveness on a particular skin tone or color. Anyone (pregnant women, bodybuilders, weight lifters, teenagers, athletes, and obese men or women) can use it. It works for all skin types.


It is a proven, powerful, and effective formulation that has been getting rave reviews from satisfied customers. Revitol Cream is one of the most recommended options on the market today that brings fast result because of effective formulation.

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Bottom Line:

It is better to use creams to prevent this skin problem from forming at the first place. And if they do form, they tend to respond better if they are treated as they appear.

Picking the right product is vital in order to get best results. The objective of this report has been to inform consumers about the pros and cons of various options so they can make a better decision and get relief in the fastest way possible.

Among all the alternative ways to get rid of stretch marks covered by our study, very few demonstrated to be effective and safe. Prescription medications have a comparatively low success rate. Plastic and laser surgeries carry very high costs and risk of side effects. Home remedies are useless because as they never address the root problem.

Out of 25 treatments that we have comprehensively researched, only couple met our standards and received a high level of consumer satisfaction. These products start showing results in few weeks, are side effects free and worth the price. Their manufacturers back these products with a full money back guarantee and admirable after sale customer support service.